How Valuable Is Money Is It Worth Someone’s Life

ff4It is first an invention with no spiritual value and it’s not part of the natural events. It is artificial and an instrument of power and control. It bears the monarch’s head because the king replaced God as the source of everything that nature would normally provide. Observations in the natural world show that all living things are provided with proper food and housing without the need for money. Man, on the other hand, has created a situation whereby he cannot sustain himself without it.

That summarizes the value of money. It represents our clothing, food, housing, and even our health but it I still not worth someone’s life. The situation we are now in is far different from the world of ancient times. The monetary system by which the world operates, however, has only been around since the bronze age when the manufacture of coins was made possible.

Trade began more than two million years ago in the Stone Age as sites occupied by Homo Erectus and dated to around that time demonstrate. So what changed? Man’s progress and development of weapons and metal tools allowed greater things to eventuate. It led to kings, wars and the building of empires and a slippery slope of dependency on man’s abilities rather than God.

In the Roman Empire Emperors charged nations and taxes were introduced to support Rome and debt followed. Those who could not pay their taxes were enslaved or executed as examples to others.

The Emperor who established the system under which the economy still runs was Constantine who also created the Catholic Church for power and control of the nations under his command. He is 666 in Revelation 13:12-18 and his purpose was to seal up the things of God and bury the truth under a great wall of deceit.

It is time for the wall to go and my reincarnation and instructions from the Spirit, which is the real God, has led to the knowledge to bring it down. Money is a part of it and the economic systems of the world are in dire straits. The fact that they are man-made and money is not from God then it is of no value and most certainly is not worth someone’s life.


The Bull in Bullion

ff3Gold bullion is the unit of exchange in today’s monetary system and it has an interesting history to get to that status. Its origin is Babylon, the original home of Islam. The Mother God of the region was the sun, named Mary. Stylised into the figure of a woman, as statues demonstrate, men believed they could ‘marry’ Mary and rise with the sun into the heavens. It’s the reason why executions and memorial services are held at dawn.

The ancient term for ‘sun’ is ‘o-r’ meaning ‘circle of power’ and gold was named after it because of its colour and ability to reflect the sun. ‘Or-o-m’ translates as ‘sun-circle-mother’ and it’s in the Latin term ‘aurum’ from whence comes its chemical symbol ‘au’.

Men who voluntarily died on crosses were called ‘ b-a-el’ or ‘bearers of power as gods’. One has to appreciate that the language of the time was still developing. Vowels were absent or unstable and short collections of syllables could be read as sentences. That is much like the shorthand methods used today in SMS.

‘Ba-a-el’ is mentioned many times in the Old Testament prophecies, such as in Amos 2:5, and it was the alternative god or the ‘lord of the day’. From it came other terms like ‘ball’; ‘bell’; ‘bowel’, ‘bowl’, and ‘bull’. The connection is in the horns or clanger that resembles the penis. Men dying on crosses are depicted in ancient rock art with huge penises ready for copulation.

The sun shows its horns when passing behind an object and the five-point star is such a depiction. It was worshipped as a ‘cow’ in Egypt and religions born of that region. ‘Cow’ equates with ‘c-o’ from ‘x-o’ or ‘cross/circle’. It is the circle/cross combination that is found etched in rocks along paths leading to mountain tops and cities. The latter developed around gathering sites to witness it.

Following my reincarnation and with a strong link to the Spirit of the Universe, the only real God (Isaiah 45:4-8) it commissioned me to tear down the wall of blindness (Isaiah 29:10-12) and bring in the harvest. We are in the last days when the prophecies for this time are coming true.

The wall was built by the first beast of Revelation and strengthened by the second (revelation 13) and the first is Mary, the rising sun. The one who expected to ‘marry’ Mary was the ‘bull’ who is he who passed through the ‘hole’s eye’ (origin of holy) after his death to become a god. He is the ‘bull-eye of strength’ or the bull married to the god. From this comes the term ‘bullion’ and the ‘rising bull’ infers an elevating stock market.

Cattle are called ‘stock’ from ‘light of cross-circle of cross’ where [s] is an old term for ‘spirit’ or ‘light’, [t] is a symbol for ‘cross’, [o] is ‘circle’, and both [c] and [k] are derivatives of [x] and [t]. The term refers to the god-man and his elevation to a god via the cross.

This made the mates of men into ‘cattle’ and women are still referred to as ‘chattles’ (the [h] is a Greek addition to the term) and the reason why they are discriminated against and marriage vows state they should serve men.

The Catholic Church was established by Constantine in 325 AD and he is 666 in Revelation 12-18 and responsible for the economic system by which the World Order still runs. That means he has control of the entire financial system through the religion. He built the Vatican as a parliament of bishops to maintain his systems and bring order to his empire. It was the Vatican who then appointed Augustine to form the Muslim branch for credibility of its claims.

The emperor put up the image of Jesus Christ and reinstated Mary as the Mother of God. His violence and power was such that the Church continued in his manner to capture all through its claims and lies. It was the first Christian religion because he introduced it (II Thessalonians 2:3-12). No one has been able to discover these facts before this time because the Spirit has worked to a plan to bring only those with strong spiritual power to the harvest.


The Origin of Monetary Exchange

ff2Money is an amazing phenomenon that allowed the world to develop into the tragic and disastrous state it is in today. Money is an invention designed for power and control and its origin is in the Islamic practice of crucifixion of god-men. These Avatars were to rise to heaven to marry Mary, the Mother God of that region. Her symbols include the sun-star depicted on the flag of Islam and the five-pointed star that sits over the systems that comprise the World Order as well as the cross.

Following my reincarnation and with a strong link to the Spirit of the Universe, the only real God (Isaiah 45:4-8) it commissioned me to tear down the wall of blindness and bring in the harvest. We are in the last days and the Internet is the Mountain of God promised to appear at this time to spread the truth over the world (Micah 4:1).

It was foretold that God will speak through the voice of a woman (Isaiah 42:14) to address a huge controversy (Jeremiah 25:31,33). She is called the daughter of Zion (Micah 4:8,10) and it is she who will expose the work of the 2 beasts of Revelation 11:3ff (Jeremiah 31:22).

The wall was built by the first beast of Revelation 13 and it comprises the blind and deaf effects of religion (Isaiah 29:10-12). It was a condition set by God to hide the truth (Job 12:5ff) and money is designed to enhance its effects.

Mary is the first beast and it was ‘she’ whom men thought they could ‘marry’ by dying on crosses at dawn. This would allow them to rise with the sun into the heaven where they would supposedly live forever. It gave them the notion that they are made in the image of God, that is as a star, and that on death that part of them, the ‘sol’ (sun) would be released.

The other aspect of their sacrifice was to exchange their lives for more fertility on the earth. This is the origin of the ‘man in the eye’ or ‘mon-eye’ which is the origin of ‘money’. The stiff corpse or ‘dol’ is interpreted as ‘feed circle of god’ and the flesh of the god-man was eaten to imbibe his spirit. It’s the origin of the communion service in Christian religions.


Fraud Analytics Salient Way of Detecting Financial Fraud in the Banking Industry

ff1Turning a blind eye into fraud and financial crimes is no longer acceptable for business. With the latest technology at hand, fraud schemes are growing more sophisticated. When it comes to fraud in retail banking, to overcome these challenges, the banking industry has gradually started adopting new ways of fighting financial fraud by conducting fraud analytics. In order to assertively protect themselves and their customers, organizations are now taking the road less travelled and formulating a comprehensive counter fraud approach with the help of analytics.

A large number of business processes are now automated and depend on effective use of technology. While fraudsters are regularly exploiting flaws in security and controls to perpetuate their crimes, the good part is that the technological advancements can help combat fraud at a very early stage. Efficient use of fraud analytics software can help in understanding the organizations’ business data in a better way which in turn will allow identifying transactions that evince fraudulent activity.

To effectively test for fraud, transactions should first be analyzed at the source level so that the auditors can get a sense if the fraud is about to occur. A regular follow-on analysis helps auditors to understand data patterns and search for symptoms which can lead to fraudulent behavior. A wide spectrum of analysis can be conducted to detect different kinds of frauds. For example, a point-in-time analysis can prove useful for one-off fraud detection; a repetitive and continuous analysis is needed if the frequency of fraud is high and recurring.

In the process of carrying out fraud analytics, many a times, organizations end up wanting to dig deeper. Financial fraud happens in a variety of ways and the intensity of loss occurred also ranges accordingly. Corruption, cash on hand, billing, check tampering, skimming, larceny, financial statement fraud are some of the negative activities that regularly happen in banks. Any loophole in the business cycle is a window for crime to happen in a blink of an eye. Understanding customer behavior is thus a key ingredient that helps in analyzing fraudulent patterns. For example, high net worth individuals are likely to make rampant transactions at odds hours while small business owners might sometimes have unpredictable online banking activity for clearing payments. Such activities, though are not fraudulent, may be considered as negative. In such cases, timely verification is vital. Another important thing to be considered while detecting fraud is the workflow of the organization. A lot of hoops to make way through to rectify issues can sometimes prove cumbersome. A cohesive workflow allows auditors to improvise the remediation process.

With a rise in transaction volumes in future, such financial crimes are also expected to be elevated. Thus, rapidly evolving technology is dual-faced in nature, sometimes acting as an ally and sometimes as an enemy. On one hand, it offers fresh opportunities to the fraudsters and on the other hand also allows financial institutions to stay ahead and prevent fraud. In a fast-paced business environment, a computer and an internet connection is indeed a powerful weapon that can make or break the business. It’s time we leverage fraud analytics to detect and mitigate financial crimes. How is your organization handling financial fraud? Share your thoughts in the comments below.